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Times Guardian Article October 2015
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My Slideshow In The News

The article refers to the slideshow created by a lady from America as a tribute to Susan Boyle.

Featuring my song "A Dreamers Lullaby" and sung here by Kirsty Kelly

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Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A Dream

  • "Lifted to the stars!" with Jenny Ledbrooke.

  • Susan Boyle with Elaine C Smith
Jenny and I were thrilled to attend a fantastic performance of "I Dreamed A Dream" at The Theatre Royal, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Starring Elaine C Smith, best known as Mary Doll in BBC TV’s Rab C Nesbitt, the musical follows Susan Boyle’s meteoric rise from humble beginnings to global icon and features signature songs from her multi-platinum selling albums.

Not surprisingly the highlight for all was when Susan herself performed at the end of the show. Susan sang beautifully creating an electric atmosphere that brought the house down.

We met Susan after the performance and I have to confess I was delighted to hear that she remembered our last meeting. While talking to Jenny, Susan decided she need to see eye to eye and mounted a handy chair, requiring Jenny to lend a hand (see photo).

Now I'm hoping YOU can help me: If Susan Boyle were to sing one of my songs...which one do you think it should be? You can listen to my songs on the music page. Then let me know via the contact page or leave your comments on my guest book .... will be passed on ....

Here's a link to an article featuring the opening night printed in the Jarrow & Hebburn Gazette

Thanks to Lauren Fruen at the KM Group for this on-line article describing my continuing mission to have Susan Boyle sing one of my songs.

The video on the left is my song 'The Journey', performed by Mandy Strain and featured in Lauren Fruens article.

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John Payonk
John Payonk
5th December 2010


Received this message from John Payonk:

"I was just interviewed by Ewing Stevens  from Radio Live in NEW ZEALAND about the new Christmas song "The Journey"!!


As always, I hope I didn't sound like a blathering idiot!!"


 listen to the interview produced by Jason Beaumont

John Payonk - in the studio
John Payonk - in the studio